Why Will I Vote For Cesar Montano?

For those who trust and believe what a Cesar Montano can do for our country. Please leave your message below (Comments link)   and the reasons why you are voting for him.

Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!


19 responses to “Why Will I Vote For Cesar Montano?

  1. Team Montano

    I will vote for him not because he is an actor or because he is popular, that you can be sure of (I am not a fan of actors or actresses myself). I will vote for him because I personally know that Cesar Montano can be a great senator. Without batting an eyelash, I know, he can, and he will be.
    His life experience has prepared him to be one.
    Not to mention the the 3 reasons that were posted here.

  2. I believe he is credible. I believe that he is a nature lover which is evident on his choice of films and I believe he will protect the environment. I believe he is well aware about the problems of the provinces and rural areas and he will pass laws that would benefit them.

    I believe he is well aware about the Philippines’ social issues and he will address them once he is in the senate.


  3. Mr. Cesar Montano, I’m not your fan…

    but more of a believer of your advocacies.

    “I like to see a man PROUD OF THE PLACE in which he lives.
    I like to see a man LIVE so that his place will be PROUD OF HIM. ” -Abraham Lincoln

    So LIVE and SERVE with convictions.
    Do your part, I’ll do mine.

    God bless the Philippines!

  4. I will definitely vote for Buboy, not just because of the 3 reasons stated early but because of the vision he has for our country, many might say that his advocacies have already been rallied by others in the past but what i believe he has that others don’t is the ability to get the job done. I strongly believe he has something that many politicians have lost through the years – character, integrity and service from the heart.

    i’m not a TU fan, but definitely Buboy will be among my 12

    Continue to fight for the many Filipinos who share your dream! GodBless us all!

  5. sure na sure ….I will vote for Cesar and my whole family ….not just bec. I’m from Bohol but I fully believe in HIM and I trust HIM 101% that HE can be a good Senator! !!!
    go Cesar …….!!!!

  6. Gel Abarintos

    The actors and celebrities who became senators now and before are a frustration to the Filipino people. I sincerely believe, Cesar Montano is an exception with his unquestionable love for his country basing on the characters he portrays in his movies depicting his nationalism and patriotism. His refusal to endorse products injurious to people’s health ignoring big amount of fees is clear manifestation of his integrity and indomitable principles. We should vote for him if only for this strong character not found in other celebrities.

  7. Esteban Ugalde

    Laking Maynila si Cesar Momtano. Marunong ba siyang mag- Bohol?

  8. Alain Encabo

    kasi naniniwala ako na mas uunlad tayo kung tulong-tulong sa pagsulong..

    May isang boto ka na dito sa Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

    Mabuhay ka!

  9. To Esteban: Sir marunong po syang mag Bol-anon.

    To Alain: Musta na po? Thanks for the support.

  10. he is a man of word and a man of action! he is a doer of things, and make it happen… i believe he has a BIG HEART and STRONG PRINCIPLES! sano!

  11. I will vote Cesar coz he contributed a lot and made Bohol known around the world.

  12. To Esteban: Bakit Bohol lang ba ang makikinabang, or you can ask tagbilaran airport a report of how many times Cesar comes to bohol in a month

    21 years in the UAE and a registered voter since the presidential election never think of going to precints till I read all these comments, maraming matagal na sa senate anong ginagawa? alam natin yun, it will take eternity to enumerate, besides there’s no more space. See you at the Immaculate Conception, boy!

  13. i am voting for Cesar Montano, first because i am from Bohol, too. second, i believe that he genuinely care for the Boholanos and proud of being one. And i believe in his sincerity to help the Filipino people, somehow i just know that he won’t let us down.

  14. Betty Zane Jabeguero

    I’ll vote for Buboy coz I strongly believe that he’s one of the Agent of Change for our country…

    Some great kneel warriors are at your back!

  15. I will vote for him if I can. It is encouraging to hear that someone has great visions for Bohol. I am a Boholana myself. Good luck and God Bless!

  16. Hi Cesar.
    Siempre ako kang iboto para my taga Bohol sa Senado no. Pero unta imong tabangan ang Bohol para maunlad ug ang mga kalsada maayos kay sayang man ang atong provincia. Sana imong gayod ng tagaan ug panahon ug budget para dili
    ka makalimtan sa mga Boholanos. Kay daghan man nga nakalingkod sa puesto pero pagnaana didto makalimtan man ta. Ilabe na gayod ng kalsada paingon sa Panglao sayang ang ang mga tourista gayod na moaadto didto pati na sa Carmen sa chocolate hills ug sa Sierra Bullones
    abog man kaayo kay wala man masemento ang dalan. GOD bless you and I will pray for your
    success. You can count me and my family.

  17. I will vote for Ceasar Manhilot because he is a Christian and a true one at that and a man of Principles and character.
    -Kevin Ian C. Go
    P.O. Box 66, Tarlac City 2300

  18. i voted for cesar montano for senator because i believe that he can do something for the country.

  19. R. J. Sucgang

    I voted for Cesar in the May 2007 elections. Who says artistas cannot properly act upon the duties of a senator? The pits, there are narrow-minded people in another blogsite who say they are not for Buboy just for the reason that they are professionals!

    Ako po ay professional din. I am a scientist who have been educated here and abroad. AND I AM PROUD TO PROCLAIM THAT CESAR IS MY SENATOR! Anuman maging resulta ng halalan, I still believe Cesar is the best option for the Senate.

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