On Toxic Waste Trade and JPEPA

1. The Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement or JPEPA will no doubt promote between Japan and our country. Being one of the top trading partners of the Philippines, it is important that an agreement which will govern bilateral trade between the two countries.
The Senate should exercise its authority to ratify treaties and agreements with other countries with due diligence and care. No provisions in such treaties or agreements should be included which will work adversely against the interests of our nation or diminish the integrity of the Philippine Republic.
2. I will work for the repeal of Republic Act 6969 which will allow toxic and hazardous wastes to be shipped to the Philippines for any reason. We cannot allow our country to be a depository of the waste materials of affluent countries even if it means substantial financial returns. The Philippines must adhere faithfully to the provisions of the Basel Convention.
3. The Philippine Government must be deeply concerned about the exportation of toxic waste materials from rich nations to the third world or poor countries. Through international agencies directly concerned with this problem, the Philippines should register strong objections to any international covenant or multinational agreements which will make underdeveloped countries the dumping ground of products which have outlived their shelf-life and which contain toxic elements hazardous to the health problems to their people.

Reference: Greenpeace. org


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