On Logging and Mining

1. Long before the colonization of the Philippines by Spain, the villages in the over 7,100 islands of our country enjoy common or communal ownership of forest lands and fishing grounds. It is regrettable that the Government has not instituted concrete measures to stop illegal logging and….We should have a law which will expand the areas to be considered forest reserves. We should turn them to local government units which have jurisdiction over these areas to be treated as communal forests or parks which they should properly administer, protect and preserve. Logging or cutting of
trees and other forest products should not be allowed without the approval of the local government authorities with the concurrent of the forest rangers assigned to these places.

2. We should not only declare a moratorium on logging operations and timber cutting. We should launch a nation-wide tree-planting movement. If every adult citizen of this country, perhaps even including elementary and high school students, will plant a tree during a given year, our country will be green again and lush with timber cover in no time at all.
1. Mining operations should be made to observe rigid and strict laws and regulations pertaining to safety and environmental requirements. The mining law should be amended to ensure that these concerns are fully and effectively addressed.
2. Mining operations are capital-intensive, even if it is highly profitable for those who invest in this industry. Community-based operations will not be feasible since it will not be viable enough even to maintain overhead expenses.

Reference: Greenpeace. org

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