Environmental Track Record

I have been struck with the gravity of our country’s environmental and ecological concerns which I came across in a number of movies where I starred in. The Muro Ami film which graphically portrayed the exploitation of young kids by big fishing operators and the unconscionable depletion of our marine resources due to illegal and destructive fishing methods and systems brought home to me a deep concern for our environment and our natural resources.
As senator, I will sponsor laws which will strengthen our efforts to preserve and protect our marine resources; laws which will impose heavy penalties on those who rob future generations of their just share of our national patrimony.

If we are to make our country a tourism haven, we must restore the pristine beauty of our forests and the richness of our natural resourced both in land and in the seas.

Reference: Greenpeace. org

One response to “Environmental Track Record

  1. Tabogon, a town north east of Cebu Province used to have white , sandy beach. When I was yet a kid, I
    spent summer there with my parents and siblings. But more than 20 years ago, the white sands were taken by truckloads and sold. Now, the beach is so dirty, filled with used grease of fishermen’s motor boats.
    I will vote for Cesar Montano because of his wonderful advocacy to preserve nature and regain the ” pristine beauty of our forest and beaches”.

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