On Climate Change and Energy

1. The need for more efficient, renewable and pollution-free sources of energy has long been felt since the global warming concern was aired. Unless concrete and immediate measures are taken to reduce drastically the greenhouse gas emission, unprecedented disasters will visit planet earth as a result of global warming. A timeframe for the dismantling of coal-fired power plants and their substitution by renewal energy sources should be laid down. The Government must give priority to
this program since these coal-fired energy are the biggest producer of the greenhouse effect.
There is need to rationalize the government’s policy on sanitary landfills and waste to energy plants. Most of the advance countries in the world today have built waste-to-energy or thermal plants for the proper and efficient disposal of waste materials. In most of these countries, sanitary landfills are already banned.

Since there are no viable alternatives to sanitary landfills and waste-to-energy technology, the Philippines should construct sanitary landfills to forestall a serious garbage crisis. The amount of pollution that a waste-to-energy plant produces is less
than the poisonous gasses produced by motor vehicles in a single day. These plants have met the most rigid environmental and safety standards that one of them presently stands in the center of Vienna, Austria and another was built near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
2. There is no quarrel over the need for renewal sources of energy and getting ourselves free from dependence on fossil fuels. What is at issue is whether or not we can generate enough power through renewal energy sources to meet the entire demands of all the various sectors of our economy.

3. I will sponsor or support any measure which will provide more incentives, including longer tax holidays, for investments in power plants employing renewal sources of energy. The annual budget should set aside substantial appropriations for the
development of renewal sources of energy. Or the government should be allowed to borrow funds from international funding institutions specifically for the construction of power plants using renewable sources of energy.

Reference: Greenpeace. org

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